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South Park GeoTour: Day 1

Today, I began my journey towards collecting the 75 caches that are part of the South Park GeoTour series. Here’s what the main GeoTour page has to say:

Let your GPS guide you on an adventure through South Park’s stunning landscapes, rich history, and pristine natural resources. Whether you are exploring the wonders of the backcountry or touring our historic communities, Colorado’s South Park GeoTour has something for everyone!

This series of caches is sponsored by the South Park National Heritage Area, and they actually offer some prizes for finding a certain number of their caches. At 20 caches, you receive a t-shirt; at 30, 50, and 75 caches, you receive different trackable GeoCoins, which are the prizes I am most interested in.
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GC3EH47 – South Suburban Sudoku – Final

Yesterday, I completed the South Suburban Sudoku challenge cache, which has occupied much of my caching time for the past couple weeks. For this cache, one merely has to solve a sudoku puzzle to find the correct coordinates, which seems simple from the outset – until you realize that you don’t have any clues for solving the sudoku!

The clues come from 15 other caches in the area, each of which have 2 clues in them. Without all of the clues in hand, there are multiple solutions to the sudoku puzzle – but only 1 solution will result in the correct coordinates for the final cache, and each possible solution has different numbers in the boxes that you get your final coordinates from.

Once I saw the 7 Souvenirs of August 2014 challenge announced from Groundspeak, and noticed how close I was to 100 finds, I became determined to have this cache be the final cache to earn the Achiever souvenir, and to earn it on August 1st, AND for this cache to be my 100th. Luckily, even though the cache had been muggled and I wasn’t able to grab the last 2 clues, the CO was gracious enough to email me the clues I needed and I was able to grab this cache as the ‘mystery’ type cache for the 7 Souvenirs of August (which was my last cache type needed for the Achiever souvenir as well, making me the 362nd cacher worldwide to earn the Achiever souvenir), it was my 100th find and I found the final cache at approximately 7 PM on 8.1.2014 – all exactly as planned out when I first started on this cache.

This cache made a great milestone, and grabbing the feeders was a great crash course in some of the most common hides geocaching has to offer – particularly micro caches, which I still have terrible problems with. I assume as I continue, I will learn more.