South Park GeoTour: Day 1

Today, I began my journey towards collecting the 75 caches that are part of the South Park GeoTour series. Here’s what the main GeoTour page has to say:

Let your GPS guide you on an adventure through South Park’s stunning landscapes, rich history, and pristine natural resources. Whether you are exploring the wonders of the backcountry or touring our historic communities, Colorado’s South Park GeoTour has something for everyone!

This series of caches is sponsored by the South Park National Heritage Area, and they actually offer some prizes for finding a certain number of their caches. At 20 caches, you receive a t-shirt; at 30, 50, and 75 caches, you receive different trackable GeoCoins, which are the prizes I am most interested in.

Here are my thoughts on the caches I found today, in order of my finds:

GC4H4VV – Nice easy cache ‘n’ dash to start the day, the road isn’t very well maintained but that’s to be expected.
GC4H4WH – Holy crap is the road bad between the last cache and this one, but at least the cache site is deserted and I can easily grab it and go.
GC4H4YP – That is one hell of a hikc! And you call this a T2 cache?!?!?!?!
GC4H4Y3 – Nice pretty ghost of a ghost town. This one actually IS a T2.
GC3Q2F6 – Been here so many times, but always nice to come back. The nearby Virtual is nice too.
GC3PCT7 – Another place I’ve been often when I’ve come up here, although it used to be the library between being the courthouse and being the SouthParkNHA headquarters.
GC3Q14M – Never knew Burros were raised within the town limits. Learn something new every day, I suppose…
GC3Q1VZ – I’ve fished this beach many times in my youth. Now I’m doing a different kind of ‘fishing’!
GC3Q15V – I don’t think it’s been very long since they used this type of ‘horsepower’!
GC3P9GV – I’ve driven by many times, but never stopped at the town hall. Never had a reason to before now…
GC3P9DW – I’ve seen the neighboring old building many times before as well. Never stopped to read the sign before. But jeez, there’s a lot of people around now and I don’t want to draw attention to myself…
GC3PQ97 – Wish I could find this one, but like everyone else in the last year, DNF…

I love the South Park area and will continue to work toward my 75 finds for all the geocoins… maybe I’ll be able to finish the area up next year! I doubt I’ll have the time (or gas money) to make enough trips through the area before the winter freeze to capture ALL of the caches!

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