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GC59EGT: 10th Annual GCCO Chili Challenge

Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 10th Annual Chili Challenge by GCCO, and it was nice to be part of a slightly larger event than the previous one I went to (which was also my first). I met a lot of really nice people there, and added significantly to my Geocoin Collection (which was a collection of zero up until the event; I won the 365 Days of Geocaching Geo-Achievement in a raffle, and purchased the mondou2 Whistle geocoin as well as all of the previous years’ Fright in Falcon geocoins. All of these geocoins are now listed in the sidebar of this blog and may also be viewed in person at any event I am attending.

I’ve also added a sidebar that shows each event I am planning to attend (and that each of these geocoins will be available for discovery at), directly from my Google calendar.

South Park GeoTour: Day 1

Today, I began my journey towards collecting the 75 caches that are part of the South Park GeoTour series. Here’s what the main GeoTour page has to say:

Let your GPS guide you on an adventure through South Park’s stunning landscapes, rich history, and pristine natural resources. Whether you are exploring the wonders of the backcountry or touring our historic communities, Colorado’s South Park GeoTour has something for everyone!

This series of caches is sponsored by the South Park National Heritage Area, and they actually offer some prizes for finding a certain number of their caches. At 20 caches, you receive a t-shirt; at 30, 50, and 75 caches, you receive different trackable GeoCoins, which are the prizes I am most interested in.
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GC5CATN: Blast!

On July 9th, I wrote about a cache I had attempted to be FTF on. Since then I’ve had several FTFs in the field, but on the 4th I attempted for Loot Chest since I saw it get published while it was raining.

It took less than 20 minutes to get out the door and get to the cache site; however, when I got there, I saw a couple other vehicles parked at the cache site that were about to leave and knew they HAD to be cachers. My fears were confirmed when I found the cache and saw that it had indeed been found by robspierre50 AND MojoFamily – in the case of robspierre50, this was the same person who had beat me to FTF at GC57QKK on 7/9.

One day, I will either get there at the same time as him, or perhaps even beat him to a cache. In the meantime, I’m still working on getting a FTF for this month. At least not much of the month has gone by yet…