What’s all this, then?

This site is built to chronicle adventures had while Geocaching. Geocaching is not just a hobby – it’s an adventure!

Geocaching all starts with someome hiding some sort of container somewhere in the world, which will at minimum have a log in it for other people to sign. This person, also known as the Cache Owner or CO will then take down the GPS coordinates and post their cache on the official Geocaching website, where the cache will be approved by a reviewer which can be an employee of Groundspeak (the company which was created to run the website) or may be an unpaid volunteer. Once reviewed, the cache is made public and the fun begins!

Many geocachers have alerts set to email them when new caches are published, or the cache may be found with a simple search. Once a cacher decides to pursue a cache, they will add the coordinates to their GPS device (may be a smartphone – Groundspeak has published official apps for both iOS and Android – or a dedicated GPS device) and away they go!

Getting there is only half the battle though, as once the cacher has arrived at Ground Zero (GZ), they will then have to locate the cache itself. In some cases, the cache may be readily visible, or lightly camouflaged to avoid attracting the attention of “muggles”, or non-cachers. In other cases, the cache may be – quite literally – up a tree.

The container can be as small or smaller than a pill bottle, or it can be much larger – the original geocache placed in Oregon in 2000 was a 5 gallon bucket.

Caching is a wonderful experience that is fun for the entire family, and is highly recommended as a way to blend science and the outdoors. It can be used to keep children and adults active, and is available nearly everywhere – as of this writing there are nearly 2.5 million active caches worldwide, with caches on all seven continents (including one almost exactly on top of the South Pole (GC2JP83)). Nearly every landmass, no matter how big or small in the world has at least 1 cache ready to discover – and if you don’t like the options, it is quite easy to build your own for others to find!

If you do happen to meet me on the trail, don’t forget to say hi and “discover” the travel bug which is on the back of my badge. Happy caching!

Helpful links (all links are from the official Geocaching website and/or Groundspeak-affiliated sites, unless noted):
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